Yi dai zong shi
The Grandmaster
We have a saying in the North - a tiger never quits the mountain. We've both been living on foreign soil. I'm so very tired. I want to go home. But I wanted to return this to you first (a button.) As for the 64 Hands, I've already forgotten them. I was lucky to meet you in my prime. Sadly, my time is running out. To say there are no regrets in life, is just to fool yourself. How boring it would be without regrets. === In life, as in chess, a move once made stays on the board. What we have is simply fate. Your father once said, never give up the faith. Keep the light burning. === These are the ashes from when she cut and burnt her hair. She said she knew you a long time, but you didn't really know her, nor she you. Seeing these ashes, you'll understand her better. Mr. Ip, the Gong Family is through. Miss Gong belongs to you now. Like her father, Gong Er never lost a fight. She only ever lost to herself.