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The Master
The Master A Novel By Tóibín, Colm Book - 2004 F Toi Available now View Details

Annotation:An elegant, fictionalized account of the life of influential 19th century novelist Henry James.

Year of Wonders
Year of Wonders A Novel of the Plague By Brooks, Geraldine Book - 2001 F Bro

Annotation:A remote English village quarantines itself after an outbreak of the plague, as a woman struggles to survive amidst the breakdown of her community.

The Lover's Dictionary
The Lover's Dictionary By Levithan, David Book - 2011 F LEV Available now View Details

Annotation:Capturing the rollercoaster-like, emotional journey of relationships, this dictionary-entry style novel shares the story of a couple in love.

Stone Arabia
Stone Arabia A Novel By Spiotta, Dana Book - 2011 F Spi Available now View Details

Annotation:The story of 40-something siblings who were raised during the 70s L.A. music scene who now face questions of memory, family, dependence, and what becomes of an artist that goes undiscovered by the world.

The Dew Breaker
The Dew Breaker By Danticat, Edwidge Book - 2004 F Dan Available now View Details

Annotation:As the story shifts between 1960s Haiti and present day American, a man hiding his past tries to reconcile the life he once lived, one in which he committed atrocious crimes in his homeland.

Colony By Siddons, Anne Rivers Book - 2000 F SID Available now View Details

Annotation:Southerner Maude finds herself entangled in the happenings at her in-laws' Maine summer home, a private retreat of her husband's Boston-bred family for three generations.

Amsterdam By McEwan, Ian Book - 1999 F McE Available now View Details

Annotation:Among the mourners of beautiful photographer Molly Lane are two former lovers, powerful and celebrated Englishmen who are confronted with ethical choices that lead to a shocking turn of events.

A Golden Age
A Golden Age A Novel By Anam, Tahmima Book - 2007 F ANA Available now View Details

Annotation:The Bangladesh War of Independence is the backdrop for this Commonwealth Writer's Prize-winning debut novel about family, loyalty, love, and politics.

The Road
The Road By McCarthy, Cormac Book - 2006 F McC All copies in use View Details

Annotation:The relationship between father and son are at the heart of this Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about a journey for survival in a post-apolcalyptic world.

Then Came You
Then Came You A Novel By Weiner, Jennifer Book - 2011 F Wei Available now View Details

Annotation:With humor and poignance, Weiner tells the story of four female friends who are each trying to find purpose and understand the meaning of motherhood.

The Plot Against America
The Plot Against America By Roth, Philip Book - 2004 F Rot All copies in use View Details

Annotation:When celebrated war hero Charles Lindbergh defeats Franklin Roosevelt in a landslide during the 1940 presidential election, Jewish-American families live in fear as anti-semetic attitudes permeate the country.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist
The Reluctant Fundamentalist By Hamid, Mohsin Book - 2007 F Ham All copies in use View Details Holds: 2 on 2 copies

Annotation:Poised to have it all - with an Ivy-League education, a powerful financial job, and a girlfriend providing access to New York's high society - everything changes for a Pakistani man after the September 11th attacks on the Twin Towers.

Little Bee
Little Bee By Cleave, Chris Book - 2009 F CLE Available now View Details

Annotation:The lives of a 16-year old Nigerian refugee and a successful English magazine editor become intertwined in this critique of Britain's handling of asylum-seekers.

Mudbound A Novel By Jordan, Hillary Book - 2008 F JOR Available now View Details

Annotation:Winner of the Bellwether Prize for Fiction and set in 1940s Mississippi during the height of the Jim Crowe South, a family's life is turned upside down when the husband suddenly decides to purchase a farm in the delta.

The Art of Racing in the Rain
The Art of Racing in the Rain By Stein, Garth Book - 2008 F STE All copies in use View Details

Annotation:Told from the perspective of Enzo, a highly evolved dog who has a deep understanding of humans, we learn the story of his race car driver master.

The Windup Girl
The Windup Girl By Bacigalupi, Paolo Book - 2009 SF F Bac Available now View Details

Annotation:What happens when a world dependent on oil must find a way to survive without it?

Old Filth
Old Filth By Gardam, Jane Book - 2006 F Gar Available now View Details

Annotation:In this comic novel of 20th century British history, we learn the incredible life story of Sir Edward Feathers, a retired barrister who returns to England after a successful career in Hong Kong.

The Birth of Venus
The Birth of Venus A Novel By Dunant, Sarah Book - 2003 F Dun All copies in use View Details

Annotation:A coming-of-age story of 14-year old Alessandra Cecchi, set during 15th century Florence at the height of the Medici-ruling era.

A Star Called Henry
A Star Called Henry By Doyle, Roddy Book - 1999 F Doy Available now View Details

Annotation:A history of 20th-century Ireland, as told through the story of Henry Smart, who, born to a hit man father, lives a life of rebellion and fearlessness.

Cutting for Stone
Cutting for Stone A Novel By Verghese, A. Book - 2009 F VER All copies in use View Details

Annotation:Set in Ethiopia, India, and America, this is the epic tale of the consequences of a forbidden relationship between an Indian nun and British doctor.

American Wife
American Wife A Novel By Sittenfeld, Curtis Book - 2008 F Sit

Annotation:The story of Alice Blackwell's path from small-town librarian to First Lady; loosely based on the life of Laura Bush.

Out Stealing Horses
Out Stealing Horses By Petterson, Per Book - 2007 F Pet Available now View Details

Annotation:A chance encounter with the brother of a childhood friend causes an aging widower to recount a tragic time from his past.

Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter
Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter By Vargas Llosa, Mario Book - 1982 F Var All copies in use View Details

Annotation:Living in Lima, Peru, Mario's life is turned upside-down by the arrival of his aunt Julia, as well as by a famous national scriptwriter who chooses to confide in Mario as he begins to lose his mind.

After Dark
After Dark By Murakami, Haruki Book - 2007 F Mur All copies in use View Details

Annotation:An examination of time, space, and memory are at the heart of this novel that interweaves three stories occurring over seven hours during one Tokyo night.

Middlesex By Eugenides, Jeffrey Book - 2002 F Eug All copies in use View Details

Annotation:The narrator, a hermaphrodite, traces the path of the gene in her family that has led to being born "twice," first as a girl, and then as a boy 14 years later.

Outlander By Gabaldon, Diana Book - 1992 F Gab

Annotation:Time knows no bounds for Claire, who juggles a husband in one century and an affair with a lover in another.

What Alice Forgot
What Alice Forgot By Moriarty, Liane Book - 2011 F Mor All copies in use View Details Holds: 3 on 2 copies

Annotation:29-year old Alice has it all, including a loving husband and a baby on the way. After a fall causes her to lose consciousness, she comes to only to find it is 10 years later and she is embattled is a terrible divorce. What?!

The Handmaid's Tale
The Handmaid's Tale By Atwood, Margaret Book - 1998 YA F Atw Available now View Details Holds: 1 on 2 copies

Annotation:In the strictly totalitarian Republic of Gilead, women have no rights and are divided into categories based on the ability to reproduce and care for children.

Three Stages of Amazement
Three Stages of Amazement A Novel By Edgarian, Carol Book - 2011 F EDG Available now View Details

Annotation:When Charlie gives up his surgical practice to move his family across the country for a business opportunity, tragedy, temptations, dreams, and reality test a modern-day marriage.

The Ghost
The Ghost By Harris, Robert Book - 2007 M F Har

Annotation:When Britain's longest-serving prime minister Adam Lang retires, he is commissioned to write a book about his experiences. However, his ghostwriter discovers powerful information that Lang never intended to reveal.

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