Glory Over Everything
Glory Over Everything Beyond the Kitchen House By Grissom, Kathleen Downloadable Audiobook - 2016

I've read this author before (The Kitchen House) and really enjoyed the 1st person narration, which is particularly effective given that the central character(s) perspective is so essential to the emotional and personal content of the story. This novel followed suit, giving the reader the benefit of how it might feel to be a young man raised as white, later to discover his lineage includes a mother who was a slave in his father's house. Forced to flee after the deathbed of his grandmother (and protector), we see how his decisicions are impacted, as he lives in fear of being called out as a slave while passing for white. Struggling to find his courage and honor, we meet a cast interesting characters who help him find himself, his honor and place in the world. Good insight into the social, political and general morays of the times; enjoyable read. Recommend.

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