Glory Over Everything
Glory Over Everything Beyond the Kitchen House By Grissom, Kathleen Downloadable Audiobook - 2016

I loved Kathleen Grissom's first book, The Kitchen House, and have recommended it to friends over and over. While I perhaps didn't enjoy this sequel quite as much, it's still a very good book. Certainly, telling it from the perspective of a man who, in pre-Civil War days, was living as white but would have been considered black had the secret of his heritage been known, was somewhat unusual. Jamie wasn't consistently a character of integrity, but his struggle to figure out where he fit in the culture of the day came through clearly and likely contributed to his periodic questionable decisions.

It was great to see several strong female characters in this book, including the slave woman, Sukey. These characters exhibited bravery and influence in a time when white women were largely confined to traditional societal roles and enslaved women were powerless over almost everything in their lives.

The book's ending sets a perfect stage for a third book. Please, Ms. Grissom, let us know what happens next for these characters, especially Pan and the headstrong Ms. Spencer.

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