Of the seven deadly sins, why was it he had to fall prey to the only one that had no trade-off? Unlike other sins, such as lust and gluttony and even sloth, jealousy brought no pleasure and instead, night and day, fed the fires of self-loathing and need and resentment of others.

“Know why a diamondback rattles?” “Because he’s fixing to strike you?” “That’s what stupid people think. He rates to let you know where he is so you won’t step on hm. If you don’t step on him, then he’s not required to bite you.”
“It’s not your fault, Hack. A leopard cannot change its spots …”
She could hold two contrary thoughts simultaneously with complete comfort. How many men could say that about their wives?

I’ve seen your handiwork. Flies are usually buzzing over it. Like a trademark.

The only thing any of us owns is six feet of dirt. You know who said that? Leo Tolstoy.

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