Dataclysm Who We Are When We Think No One's Looking By Rudder, Christian Book - 2014

I read this book in one sitting after it was close to being due. Sobering, fascinating, and a little bit depressing.

Author is one of the co-founders of OKCupid. He takes data from that site, as well as Facebook, Google, etc. to show how we as Americans really are in our personal lives. In the past, sociologists used surveys, which suffered from small sample sizes and also respondents lying (ex. no one will truthfully answer that he hates blacks). Social media allows billions of data to be collected and no one lies (actions not words).

Basic conclusions from the book are, we as Americans are profoundly racist (but maybe for legitimate reasons), and women peak in sexual desirability at 22-years and rapidly fall off a cliff (a 35-year old woman is almost invisible to men online). Other more nuanced and equally absorbing conclusions in the book.

I was also very disturbed by how we are giving up our most intimate details online through these ubiquitous sites and services. It is certainly the golden age of Big Brother, Orwell and Huxley would be spinning in their graves.

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