Evangelical Catholicism
Evangelical Catholicism Deep Reform in the 21st-century Church By Weigel, George Book - 2013

The popular media loves to present the Catholic Church as currently engaged in a struggle between Left and Right (à la U.S. partisan politics). For example, Pope Francis is presented as a reformer who will hopefully bring the archaic Church in line with enlightened secular thinking. John Paul II and Benedict are viewed as “conservatives” who desperately tried to turn back the “liberal” tide of Vatican II. George Weigle's book will greatly disappoint all those who wish to cling to these misconceptions, but I highly recommend reading it for anyone who sincerely wants to get an accurate view of where the Catholic Church is going in the 21st century and what it has to offer to the world. Weigle is a Catholic intellectual and the book is not an easy read; however, the second half of the book is easier to follow and will be of particular interest to Catholics who wish to understand their role in the modern Church.

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