The Blood of Heroes
The Blood of Heroes The 13-day Struggle for the Alamo-- and the Sacrifice That Forged A Nation By Donovan, Jim Book - 2012

When you think of the battle at the Alamo little attention is given to the events prior to and after the battle. This book provides that information. In fact, the bulk of the book concentrates on those times. It has the effect of making sense of the actual battle. The fight at the Alamo was just part of a greater struggle. As well I was very surprised about the fight at the Alamo itself. The reality, quite unexpectedly, greatly contradicts the Disney version some many have relied on for many years. There are many characters named in this book so it can be somewhat cloudy at times when trying to remember who was doing what. Overall though if you want to read only one book on this subject you will find this one satisfying.

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