One of the more charming (reserved?) historical romances I've read. The romance is akin to gentle, continuous waves on the beach as opposed to a high tide during a storm that would take take everything in its wake. I appreciate the complexity of the more important supporting characters, something many authors completely neglect.

I do feel like everyone was entirely too accepting, particularly Gwen's family. I was expecting a bit more resistance from her family since everyone single one of them was titled and of high birth. I had doubted they would truly want her to marry someone not born into aristocracy regardless of her age or marital status as was displayed in the book. Most often I've seen mothers just as much concerned about their status even if they want to rid of their widowed/spinster daughters. They were all just very sensible which was a surprise to say the least.

I do not know if I want to continue reading the series. I should read it because, from what I've gathered here, the author's writing is good, the main characters will most likely do a lot talking and self-reflection, and no unnecessary drama seems to be brewing. It is all so very charming and...boring.

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