How to Never Look Fat Again
How to Never Look Fat Again Over 1000 Ways to Dress Thinner-without Dieting! By Krupp, Charla Book - 2010

Enjoyed it, though had to google a lot of fashion stuff. The KEY message of this book is to NOT look at the attractiveness of clothes but to see how it fits you. Some advice may appear self-contradictory, particularly when going through the different body parts and specific colors, but the gist is solid. Review your closet, take a candid look in the mirror, toss out, save for your daughter - but do not mourn the cute clothes that do not suit you.

Spot on for any 40+ lady out there discovering new inches, or for someone who finally "got it" that their thighs will be heavy vs a super-model on the day they dropped dead from starvation in the gym.

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