From a man's point of view - I thought Eve Ensler (posing as a comedienne) was clearly a Feminist-Nazi seething with total penis-envy.

As I patiently sat through Ensler's endless rantings & ravings in "The Vagina Monologues", I couldn't believe how annoyingly anal this woman was about her chosen subject of discussion.

Since Ensler never once (in all of her 200 hundred interviews) asked even one, single man his honest opinion about a vagina, I'm quite convinced that this abrasive woman was a total man-hater with a venomous axe to grind against my specific gender.

More than once Ensler made it crystal clear that she blamed men (of course) as being the #1 reason why so many woman have a dysfunctional attitude about sex, orgasm and their vaginas.

In conclusion - I think that it's about time for some really sharp-witted dude to create a live show called "The Penis Monologues" in order to gloat over his pecker the same way that Ensler has gloated over her vagina. And, hopefully, that would be sufficient enough to counter the barbed-wire sting of Ensler's politically incorrect "Vagina Monologues".

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