(*Attention! Spoiler Alert!*).... One of the many questions that came to my mind while watching Eve Ensler deliver her often-abrasive performance in The Vagina Monologues was - Did those people sitting in the audience really pay good money to listen to Ensler rant & rave as she did about vaginas?

And another question that came to mind was - Is Ensler really that much of a deluded hypocrite that she condemns men who sexually abuse underage girls, while in the next breath, condones lesbian women who do the same thing?

If you ask me - I thought Ensler came across as being annoyingly anal about discussing the taboo subject of vaginas. This totally one-note presentation of hers often struck me as being very heavy-handed.

And the fact that she never once interviewed any men to get their opinions of a vagina gave me the clear indication of just how frigid and rigid and sexually biased Ensler was about her precious vagina.

At times, Ensler struck me as being such a man-hater at heart. I mean, she appeared absolutely hellbent on placing the full-blame on men as being the sole reason why so many women are of a negative-mind about their vaginas.

Yes. Perhaps I was in the wrong frame of mind when I sat down to watch The Vagina Monologues, but, from the perspective of a man, Ensler's verbal spewing out did nothing to de-stigmatize the vagina, nor did it lift the curse from anyone who (whether they like it or not) may have been born with a vagina.

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