Farmer Giles of Ham
Farmer Giles of Ham The Rise and Wonderful Adventures of Farmer Giles, Lord of Tame, Count of Worminghall, and King of the Little Kingdom By Tolkien, J. R. R. Book - 1999

A quite funny short story by the author of *The Hobbit* and The Lord of the Rings.*

Farmer Giles is awakened one night by his talking dog, Garm, who has spotted a lost giant trampling on Giles’s fields and scaring the neighbors. Giles gets out his blunderbuss, fills it with nails, and scares off the giant. Giles is a local hero and even the King hears about it and sends Giles an old sword which was hanging on a castle wall. When a dragon begins terrorizing the kingdom, the local parson discovers that the sword is a famous magic sword from the long-ago days when you had to kill a dragon every fortnight or so. The King’s knights talk big but have no experience with dragons, so the village persuades Giles that he has to go along to take on the giant beast. Lots of satire about heroism and dragons. One of the nicest advantages with most editions is the wonderful comic/Medieval illustrations of Pauline Baynes.

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