West of Memphis

West of Memphis

DVD - 2013
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True story centering on the new investigation surrounding the 1993 murders of three 8-year-old boys in the town of West Memphis, Ark. Evidence surrounding the murders exposes the wrongful conviction of three teenagers who lost 18 years of their lives imprisoned for crimes they did not commit.
Publisher: [United States] : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, [2013]
Branch Call Number: DVD 364.15 WES


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May 06, 2018

This is a very important film. There are graphic images of three brutal murders. If those could be edited out, I think this film should be shown to every high school student. It is about those misfits in high school who get targeted because they don't fit in. False confessions are coerced by police eager to nail down a guilty party. It reminds me of Ray Bradbury's 'Fahrenheit 451.' The truth means little here among those who are supposed to enforce the law and the rules of justice. Starting with a woman named Lorri who corresponded with one of the convicted, a movement blossomed. Celebrity musicians held concerts to raise money and awareness. Many people got involved and while the outcome for the three wrongly convicted wasn't completely satisfying, it was in part.

Jan 10, 2016

Makes one seriously consider giving too much of the benefit of the doubt to the judiciary, law enforcement, and their experts. You almost have to wonder if the system is so expensive, it is almost the wrong vehicle to seek justice for the majority of people ... because its self correcting mechanism cannot bear the costs of being wrong ... and being composed of human frailties ... it will be wrong sometimes!

May 07, 2015

A fantastic documentary, and disturbing on multiple levels. Am in full agreement with funky_d commenter below. This is a must see because it is so very common in America - - primarily centering on people of color and the poor, or lower socioeconomic groups! So many police around the country are up on manslaughter charges at the moment, but only a slight number when the actual number of police, prosecutors and judges who should be standing trial for knowing miscarriages of justic is enormous! [One single crooked judge alone, in Pennsylvania, had 4,000 convictions overturned - - - just Google // Kids for Cash \ \.]

May 07, 2015

After watching HBO's three Paradise Lost documentaries on this case, I was curious what West of Memphis would provide. I finished reading Life After Death by Damien Echols and got more personal details about him. The HBO docs are insightful and I'm glad HBO took an interest because the viewer can clearly see the miscarriage of justice from the start.

I'm surprised other commenters believe the West Memphis Three are guilty. No physical evidence, no DNA evidence--not even a trace. You have an admission of guilt from a coerced teenager with a low IQ. To make it all worse, in West of Memphis, you actually learn who the real killer likely is. AND, no one in law enforcement cares to right the wrong. NO ONE. Shameful!

It's a hard documentary to watch. So many lives destroyed.

See first the HBO documentaries. You'll see how this all went down and how these three were tried by the media and cops before a trial.

Also, the Bonus content on this CD is enough for another doc. All disturbing and heart-wrenching that these teens became pawns in a terrible situation.

An important documentary.

Apr 21, 2015

No, those 3 were rightfully charged. The fact that they were released, is the real failure here. Look into this a bit deeper.

Jul 28, 2014

vey biased story hell bent on exonerating these 3 no matter who they have to implicate.

Feb 28, 2014

Although I have no doubt of the innocence of the "West Memphis 3", I do think the demonization of the Arkansas justice system seemed a bit overdone here.
Surely it can't have been as black and white as this film makes out?

But overall a good documentary that needed to be made. This case has been high profile for a long time.

voisjoe1 Oct 19, 2013

“West of Memphis” is one of the best criminal documentaries that I have ever seen and is on a par with “The Thin Blue Line.” There are a lot of relatively poor people who have been convicted of murder that have since been found to be innocent. Examples are Randall Adams and Rolando Cruz, whose prosecutors resisted the admittance of new evidence, no matter how convincing it is that the convicted are truly innocent. In this Memphis case, the most likely guilty person is walking around today because the government does not want to admit their shoddy evidence and procedures, probably for fear that they, the government, will be sued for millions of dollars. Or maybe it is their authoritarian personality which gives them the impulse to think they are always correct in their convictions.

aaa5756 Oct 07, 2013

A very well done documentary. This movie was interesting, informative, and worse seeing!! I recommend this movie for all to see. Well worth the price of admission to any theater.

janedough66 Oct 05, 2013

I've followed this story since the original 3 part "Lost in Paradise" series was aired on HBO in the early 80's. I still have the series recorded on VHS. This movie was incredibly difficult to watch. Maybe, in part, because I have an 8 yr old son now. Be aware that the movie shows lots of photos and raw footage of the murdered boys. I found that VERY disturbing. The original 3 part series never showed this type of thing. The movie shows police and prosecutor corruption at its best. NOT these men's finest hour. It is as obvious as the nose on your face how innocent these boys really were. Although I can better understand why, it is fully explained, the boys should have NEVER admitted guilt in the beginning. That killed them. It is VERY clear who the REAL murderer of these 3 beautiful little boys is by the end of the movie. Shocking to say the least! I cried a lot during this doc and never want to see it again. However, I am happy to learn what I learned about the Memphis 3 and have closure finally. How anyone could do what this psycho, pathological liar, sociopath freak did to these innocent 8 r old boys is so evil and deranged that I had to fast forward some of the footage. I just could not, and did not want to, see that. This man deserves to die a screaming death and rot in hell for eternity. He ruined SO many lives. It is horrific in parts to watch and very frustrating, but incredibly interesting as well.

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aaa5756 Oct 07, 2013

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” –James Madison

aaa5756 Oct 07, 2013

“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” -Winston Churchill

aaa5756 Oct 07, 2013

“The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced.” -Frank Zappa


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