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Kiss Me Deadly

DVD - 2011
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While driving down a lonely road late one evening, Hammer picks up a beautiful blonde hitchhiker, dressed in nothing but a raincoat. At first, Hammer assumes that the incoherent girl is an escaped lunatic; his mind is changed for him when he and the girl are abducted by two thugs. The men torture the girl to death as the semiconscious Hammer watches helplessly. He himself escapes extermination when the murderers' car topples off a cliff and he is thrown clear. Seeking vengeance, Hammer tries to discover the secret behind the girl's murder.


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Mar 09, 2018

Don't forget to watch the additional accentuated theatrics in addition to film. It will definitely give your depth to enjoying the film. The writer himself was an actor of the stories written into film...that Pandora box ....what was in it...but the paperback did not have the same ending...well you need to watch this film. The story flows very well. Lots of red herrings hey ...who is the satanic villain ...ah man ...and I thought it was....

This is why its worth watching. 5 stars for an who done it.

Dec 05, 2017

This 1955 film was somewhat of a anti-film noir film noir. Sudden eruptions of shocking violence. One of the first films to start the story before the credits. Disconcerting display of the credits to unsettle the audience. Film shots that seem to be radically framed a la Robert Bresson. One of the first films to include African-American characters that are real. Robert Aldrich, an independent minded director, was not happy to just utilize established techniques. He always wanted to do something totally different. Some say this was the last of the long string of American black and white film noir.

Aug 15, 2017

The first twenty minutes has some fun here and there with the `hard-boiled-private-dick` image. But when Cloris Leachman`s character is grotesquely tortured to death just barely out of our view and the mysterious black box (the contents of which are never precisely identified, leaving plenty of room for our imagination and belief to work), the rollercoaster begins and never lets up. It`s an example of it`s not what ya got but how you use it. Interesting note: due to local station censorship, the T.V. version is MUCH bleaker since it appears Mike Hammer and the girl are killed in the nuclear implosion. Definitely worth the ride.

Dec 08, 2016

It may be influential, but that's not the same as great. KMD is a film with many moments of undeniable power, but is badly marred by an unnecessarily confusing story, rampant illogic, and bad actors giving bizarre readings to bad dialogue. In the hands of a more capable director, say, Billy Wilder, it could have been a masterpiece. But Aldrich bungles it so badly, there are dozens of unintentionally funny moments--never a good sign in a supposedly great film.

Oct 10, 2015

This is a film noir based on Mickey Spillance's bestseller, originally released as motion picture in 1955.
Maybe, it was masterfully directed and produced at the time.
Being watched at present with the contemporary scientific knowledge at hand, however, the mysterious black container appears foolish and has disappointed my expectation at all.
There are so many meaningless murders.
The storyline is poorly conceived and doesn't make sense at all.
The performances of the actors seem overacted with bad taste.
It is one of the most foolish and botched movies I've ever seen.

Sep 22, 2015

Director Robert Aldrich’s tale of hard-boiled alpha males, loose women, and the dark dealings which bring them together has been rendered “quaint” with time, but it still ranks as one of film noir’s quintessential classics. Penned by the great Micky Spillane whose pulp fiction dialogue crackles in every scene and infused with a vulgar, though still effective carnality, Aldrich creates a shadowy L.A. netherworld of crooked people and crooked morals whose serpentine twists and turns eventually lead to a gloriously ludicrous climax, part science fiction spectacle and part horror show. The fact that the Kefauver Commission declared it 1955’s number one menace to the morals of American youth only heightens the fun!

7duffy Jun 08, 2015

One of the best Noir's I have seen. Shot in an exceptionally different method for the 1950's. Almost as if David Lynch had been a director in the 1950's, this is the kind of movie he would have made. Ralph Meeker (who is this guy ?) was great as Mike Hammer. The story is flawless, with the exception of the motive being too topical of the that timeperiod. Great direction ! The director's use of the villain's shoes to drag the viewer thru the movie is artwork. Like "Rosebud" in Citizen Kane or Peter Coyote's belt buckle in ET or Hitchcock's famous McGuffin, the shoes are used as magnetic pole, then thrown away when they are no longer needed. Great work. A must see for Film Noir fans.

theorbys Dec 06, 2013

Something of a cult film noir, but still well known to film buffs, it is one of the best of late film noir. The acting is worth five stars alone for all the fine, and numerous, studio character actors who REALLY shine. The ending is worth a half star all by itself.

viguyy Jan 15, 2013

A sleazy subversive film-noir gumshoe classic with a very interesting twist that you will not soon forget. Clearly a classic, that film makers of today draw inspiration from (Pulp Fiction for example). Kiss Me Deadly is a story of a tough, sadistic, egocentric not-too-bright detective Mike Hammer who by chance gets mixed up in a mystery. A girl jumps in front of his beautiful Jaguar sports car & forces him off the road late one night. She needs help, all she's wearing is a rain coat and she wants Hammer to get her to the nearest bus station but if they don't make it she says "remember me". But a couple of thugs intercept them & tirture the girl to death & then try & send her dead body along with Hammers over a cliff in that beautiful Jaguar to their deaths. Hammer escapes the crash & the mystery begins...
The film is surprisingly raw in spots for a film of this era. Mike Hammer enjoys delivering pain to others for example, he's a sadist & "the big What's-it" is not what you would think and certainly puts this film in a unique category. The female characters are raw & the whole film has a quirky tawdry taste to it from start to finish.
Ralph Meeker is great as Mike Hammer the sleazy scum-bag sadist detective who really delivers a fine performance. Also memorable in the film is Maxine Cooper (Velda) his 'business partner' & sometimes love/sex interest. Probably more on the sex interest side, Cooper does a fine job playing the very friendly & very anything for a buck kinda girl. Also who could forget Mike's mechanic friend, Nick Dennis who is constantly saying things like "Va-va-voom!"

This is a unique sleazy film-noir classic that I would recommend especially if you are a fan of this genera or of unusual films in general.

Jul 14, 2012

Kiss Me Deadly is an exceptionally gripping film adaptation of Mickey Spillane's famous novel of the same name. It's brutal, surreal, and gritty. In fact, it's everything that you'd expect from Spillane's hard-edged, graphically violent novel._____ Kiss Me Deadly stars actor Ralph Meeker as Mike Hammer, a hard-boiled, one-dimensional Private-Eye doing his investigating thing on the shady side of town. Meeker is superb as the rugged, callous, womanizer named Hammer._____ While cutting a brutal path through the city's sleazy underside, Hammer soon uncovers a mysterious, black container whose extremely deadly contents triggers a horrifying, apocalyptic climax that is a real visual stunner in its overall execution._____ It's hard to grasp, at first, that Kiss Me Deadly is, indeed, a story that actually ties itself in with certain sinister dealings behind nuclear testing, which were still being carried out, at full-throttle, in the 1950s._____ Kiss Me Deadly is deadly-good entertainment!

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Jul 14, 2012

"Woman is the incomplete sex. It takes a man to make her complete."


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