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Survivor's Quest

Book - 2004
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Sometimes it seems a Jedi¿s work is never done and Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker know this only too well. Despite the bond they share in the Force, after three years of marriage the Jedi Master and his wife are still learning the ropes of being a couple¿and struggling to find time together between the constant demands of duty. But all that will change when they¿re united on an unexpected mission¿and must pool their exceptional skills to combat an insidious enemy . . . and salvage a part of Jedi history. It begins with a message from a surprising source: Nirauan, the planet where Thrawn, dangerous disciple of Emperor Palpatine, once held sway . . . and from which Luke and Mara barely escaped with their lives. The message itself is shocking. After fifty years, the remains of Outbound Flight¿a pioneering Jedi expedition viciously destroyed by Thrawn¿have been found on Nirauan. Now, the fiercely honor-bound aliens who reside there wish to turn over the remnants of the doomed mission to the New Republic. Accepting the gesture will mean a long voyage into the treacherous cluster of stars where the thousands of souls aboard the Outbound Flight vessel met their grim fate. But it may also mean something more . . . something that has stirred an inexplicable sense of foreboding in Mara. Whatever may await, the Skywalkers will not face it alone. Joining them on the strange and solemn journey are an officer of the post-Palpatine Empire, escorted by a detachment of Imperial stormtroopers; a party of diplomats from a gentle alien species that reveres the fallen Jedi for saving them from bloodthirsty conquerors; and a New Republic ambassador who harbors his own mysterious agenda. Soon enough, suspicion, secrecy, and an unknown saboteur run rampant aboard the isolated ship. But it is within the derelict walls of Outbound Flight itself, buried for half a century on a desolate planetoid, where the gravest danger lies. As the marooned hulk yields up stunning revelations and unexpected terrors to its visitors, Luke and Mara find all they stand for¿and their very existence¿brutally challenged. And the ultimate test will be surviving the deathtrap carefully laid by foes who are legendary for their ruthlessness . . . and determined to complete the job Thrawn began: exterminating the Jedi. Features a bonus section following the novel that includes a primer on the Star Wars expanded universe, and over half a dozen excerpts from some of the most popular Star Wars books of the last thirty years!
Publisher: New York : Ballantine Books, 2004
Edition: 1st ed
ISBN: 9780345459169
Branch Call Number: Science Fiction F Zah
Alternative Title: Survivor's quest


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Dec 21, 2017

"Three hundred? They must have been stacked like data cards in there." -Luke Skywalker

Dec 21, 2017

"None of us gets to choose which talents and abilities we're born with. Our only choice is whether we take those gifts and use them to live and grow and serve, or whether we bury them in the ground and try to pretend they were never there." -Dean Jinzler

Dec 21, 2017

DRASK: "Commander Fel-"
CHAK FEL: "We're going to take a look, General. If you choose to argue with me every third or fourth step, it's going to take a lot longer."

Dec 21, 2017

BEARSH: "What did you say? You say survivors?"
MARA: "Unless the Chiss are running a vacation transport service."


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Dec 22, 2017

Survivor's Quest is actually a really good book!
I originally hadn't wanted to read this because it mainly focuses on Luke and Mara as the main characters and I was worried that this might be too lovey dovey since this does take place a little bit after their marriage. Fortunately, it's nothing like that.
This novel is about Luke and Mara joining the Chiss, Imperials, and other aliens on a quest to find the remnants of the Outbound Flight project while also running into unexpected problems. As a sequel to the books in The Hand Of Thrawn duology, I think that Survivor's Quest does a great job of referencing back to Vision of the Future and setting up for the upcoming Yuuzahn Vong series. I also think that this book is a good set up for the Outbound Flight novel, which hadn't been published at the time. (But depending on which order you read them, you could say that Outbound Flight fits really well into Survivor's Quest). Anyways, Luke and Mara's sarcastic comments and references were pretty funny and made me laugh a lot. I also thought that it was cool that Timothy Zahn included the 501st legion in this novel before they appeared in Revenge of the Sith or Episode 3.
Finally, the best thing about this book was that there was no bad words. Yay!

Aug 19, 2016

Book description and title do not match. Really enjoyed the Zahn books I've read so far (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, Outbound Flight, and Last Command). Just put this one (Survivor's Quest - I think) on hold, hope I do not get a legal journal!

Jan 03, 2014



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Dec 21, 2017

Chinderixx thinks this title is suitable for 13 years and over


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Dec 21, 2017

Survivor's Quest opens with a meeting between Talon Karrde and Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker. Karrde's people had earlier picked up an urgent transmission, addressed to Luke, coming from Admiral Voss Parck on the planet Nirauan. Before the message could be passed on, it had been stolen by a member of Karrde's own organiZation, a man named Dean Jinzler. Fearing that the message might be somehow connected with the unknown menace Parck and Baron Fel had warned them about two years previous, Luke and Mara decide to head out to Nirauan.
There, they learn that the message had in fact come from Chiss Aristocra Chaf'orm'bintrano (or "Formbi"). The Chiss have found the remains of the pioneering Jedi expedition, Outbound Flight Project, which had been mercilessly destroyed by Grand Admiral Thrawn many years previous. Now, the Chiss wish to hand over their find to the New Republic, and Luke and Mara join the odd group—which includes a squad of stormtroopers from the 501st, a remnant of an alien people, the Geroons, who owe a strange debt to the people of Outbound Flight, and a false New Republic Ambassador to visit the site of the tragedy.
As they voyage on the Chaf Envoy deeper into Chiss space, into a treacherous cluster of stars known as the Redoubt, Luke and Mara grow more uneasy. Occurrences of sabotage and theft only serve to deepen their suspicions. On top of that, Mara begins to feel torn between her duty to the New Republic and her troubled respect for the Empire.
The expedition reaches its destination: the remains of the Dreadnaughts that made up the Outbound Flight project. Not only are the ships fairly intact, but Mara can sense life. There are survivors, possibly hundreds of them. Suddenly, everything comes together in a whirlwind of events. The supposedly peaceloving Geroons instead are revealed to be the bloodthirsty Vagaari, who desire revenge against the Chiss and Outbound Flight for their defeat at the hand of Admiral Thrawn years before. Luke, Mara, the Chiss, the Imperials, and the embittered survivors now must work together against the Vagaari.
They manage to defeat the Vagaari, who in turn sabotage the Chaf Envoy and commandeer one of the Dreadnaughts. The Vagaari then head back through the Redoubt to attack the Chiss command center, leaving Luke, Mara, and the others practically stranded. Following the welcome discovery of a Delta-Twelve Skysprite, however, Luke and Mara are soon pursuing the rogue Dreadnaught. They catch up to it and make their way aboard. They find out that the main Vagaari "colony ship" is actually a starfighter carrier that is beginning to overwhelm Chiss defenses. Using a fake signal, Luke and Mara trick the Vagaari into believing the Dreadnaught to be a friendly ship. However, Luke and Mara use the Dreadnaught under their control after a showdown with a droideka and the fanatical Vagaari Estosh, to aid the Chiss fighters and to defeat the other Vagaari forces.
The survivors are entrusted into the care of the Empire of the Hand, and Luke and Mara finally have time to settle down and enjoy their marriage.


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