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Angels & Demons

DVD - 2009
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Feb 21, 2019

Love Robert Langdon stories. Very good adaptation of the book.

Nov 10, 2018


Oct 22, 2017

Angels and Demons is a sequel to the movie “The Da Vinci Code”. It is a good sequel that is of the same genre of mystery, suspense, religion and detective. I enjoyed this film thoroughly. Professor of Symbology Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) is called in again to investigate a case regarding the kidnapping of cardinals during the pope election, and the theft of very dangerous antimatter. It takes place at the Vatican, during Pope election time, when the 4 papabile were kidnapped and a video was put up giving hints to the whereabouts. It connected to the Illuminati, and Professor Langdon along with Italian scientist, Vittoria Vetra, deduce the next place one of the cardinals will be murdered. The movie starts off slow, but the ending includes an unthinkable twist that I really enjoyed. It is of course fiction, but realistic enough to seem possible. Overall a great movie! I would rate this 4/5 stars.
- @IllusiveBarrel of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

Feb 26, 2017

Remember this is a fiction movie Very educational and well research story
Ron Howard is brilliant in directing this movie

Jul 03, 2016

Dvd is damaged

May 11, 2016

Garbage. Everything based on Dan Brown's books are trash. The story line hardly makes sense and it's just liberal, anti religion propaganda.

May 10, 2016

DVD is damaged.

Jan 28, 2016

Tom Hanks is just great in this film. I enjoyed watching this movie to the fullest.

Feb 04, 2014

Good example that a sequel so often simply is not as good as the first movie--Da Vinci Code. I found the details in the book and plot simply too tedious.

Dec 18, 2013

garbage, garbage, garbage!

I couldn't make it to the end of the movie - it was so boring and annoying.
I didn't pay attention that it was based on a book by Dan Brown, otherwise I wouldn't start watching it at all. You could instantly feel that the author doesn't know the subject he is writing about..
amazing that nobody corrected the actor who never learned to pronounce "mea culpa" correctly. Latin is the state language of Vatican btw. lots and lots of other stupidities.

Aug 19, 2013

I had to fight to stay awake.

lasertravis Nov 25, 2012

Good sequel to The DaVinci Code. Another well written and acted thriller. Twisting tale that comes to a satisfying conclusion.

Oct 23, 2011

Excellent movie had to see it on DVD and really pay attention to it and it was very entertaining...

May 31, 2011

This film was exhilirating! Non-stop action, fast-paced, and a great twist at the end. I particularily enjoyed the discussions of the necessary union between science and religion.

Mar 04, 2011

Fast paced action. Interesting to watch a second time to see the clues again and examine the symbols.

Feb 21, 2011

very interesting never know what might happen next..

Feb 13, 2011

Nice plot, great suspence.

Feb 13, 2011

when i heard that ron howard was casting tom hanks as the lead role (robert langdon) i thought it might be a major error in judgment, after all how could we see him as this brilliant professor/linguist after seeing his other roles (big, castaway, sleepless in seattle) what a wonderful surprise hanks pulls out all the stops and is most believable -- angels and demons is the second book featuring langdon but follows well as a sequel -- thoroughly enjoyed them both on big screen and loved seeing them again on the small

fits well with today's questioning of religious dogma

Feb 10, 2011

Fast paced, tense, and better then the film version of Da Vinci Code

Dec 15, 2010

If you read the book, you might actually be disappointed because the motives causing the events do not seem to be revealed, thus making the plot seem less realistic. That being said, I must say that this film moves a lot quicker and is a lot more interesting than that of Angels and Demons.

Jun 29, 2010

This was a great movie that you can watch over and over again. You learn some history, some art and enjoy the ride. Much better than the book!

Feb 02, 2010

While the Da Vinci code was a much better novel than movie, Angels and Demons is a much better movie than novel. Ron Howard did a great job with directing and pace. Where the novel bores, the movie excites. 9 fo 10 stars

Dec 28, 2009

Good – Angels & Demons (2009) 138 min. This is a much better outing for Ron Howard’s Dan Brown Da Vinci Code stories. Angels & Demons is more of a thriller than an attack on a religious group; though some comments about Catholicism are present. As Cardinal Strauss (played by Armin Mueller-Stahl) says to Robert Langdon (played by Tom Hanks), “Religion is flawd because man is flawed”. The film is fast paced and never dull. The only issue I have with these types of films is the credibility of the action taken place – Langdom must be a relative genius to figure out every connection possible from every symbol or word. I found that part of the story a little hokey but its Hollywood and meant to entertain. Beautiful shots of Rome abound and the avoidance of controversy helped with the fun of watching this film.

Dec 19, 2009

The critics had a field day panning ANGELS AND DEMONS, but I liked it, for several reasons. If you've ever been there, I think you'll agree that it showed off the architectural splendor of Vatican City and other beautiful locals of Rome, in a spectacular way. For those who've never been there, seeing the panoramic splendor of Italy in this film will no doubt make you want to - and that alone is a measure of some success for Ron Howard's artistry as a director of destination movies. Saint Peter's Square, designed "so that the greatest number of people could see the Pope give his blessing, either from the middle of the façade of the church or from a window in the Vatican Palace", is just one example. It's fabulously filmed. Howard captures the incredible splendor that its creator, the leading architect of 18th century Rome, Bernini, intended. It sent shivers down my spine to see it again in this way, and I was grateful for the fantastic photographic imagery left in my mind, here, and throughout the film.
I also liked that the pace of the film was staged by the script itself. Five hours in story-time to stop four murders and the annihilation of Vatican City and half of Rome - condensed into two hours and twenty minutes of non-stop action in real-time. Even Vatican politics are explained enough to understand the perceived threat of outside forces seeking to destroy Catholicism. In this instance, it's presented in the form of a centuries-old conflict between the church and the Illuminati, a secret society of enlightened free thinkers opposed to the dictates of strict Catholicism, whose members included Galileo, Michelangelo, and Bernini. I don't know about you, but conspiracy theory movies always get my attention - especially when it's founded on some rather impressive historical data, and ANGELS AND DEMONS pulls out all the stops, including using the archival records of the Vatican to advance the movie's plot. There are some gaping holes in that plot, however, including far-fetched theories that Author Dan Brown explored in his novel of the same name. Some may leave you smirking a little... e.g., an antimatter cylinder that initially started out being a too-smart-for-its-own-good experiment on creation, that turns itself into a bomb, all because it lacked an "energizer" battery... "yeah, right"! But all-in-all, ANGELS AND DEMONS, with its stellar cast of stars, Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor, Stellan Skarsgård, Armin Mueller-Stahl, and the very capable but relatively new-comers: Nikolaj Lie Kaas as the assassin, and Ayelet Zurer as the brilliant female scientist to Hanks' Harvard symbolist - mercifully kept my interest throughout. Lots of clever and subtle stuff gong on in this film too about how the Vatican conducts its business now after Vatican II, and its efforts to enhance its current day image to the world and its followers. There's nods given more than once to the modernization of some church practices as a means of opening a dialogue with the world and better spreading the good in its religion to others. The movie succeeded on several levels and garners 4 stars from me, which is more than I can say for its predecessor, THE DA VINCI CODE.

Dec 08, 2009

this is great book because the aurthor makes the book so mystery thats why i like the book. And i recommend to people who love mystry and codes.
thank you,

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