Man Booker Prize

Awarded annually for best original novel written in English and published in the U.K.

13 items

Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
Almost English Book - 2013 Mantle F Men
A Tale for the Time Being Book - 2013 Viking F Oze
Five-star Billionaire
A Novel
Book - 2013 Spiegel & Grau F Aw
Harvest Book - 2013 Nan A. TaleseDoubleday F Cra
The Kills Book
The Lowland
A Novel
Book - 2013 Alfred A. Knopf F Lah
Luminaries Book - 2013 Little Brown & Co F Cat
The Marrying of Chani Kaufmann Book - 2013 Sandstone F Har
The Spinning Heart Book - 2013 Doubleday Ireland F Rya
The Testament of Mary Book - 2012 Scribner F Toi
A Novel
Book - 2013 Random House F McC
Unexploded Book
We Need New Names
A Novel
Book - 2013 Reagan Arthur Books F Bul
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