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The Enneagram
The Enneagram Understanding Yourself and the Others in your Life By Palmer, Helen Book - 1991 Non-F 155.264 Pal Available now View Details

Annotation:The Enneagram Institute is helmed by Don Richard Riso & Russ Hudson, two of the leading teachers and developers of the Enneagram system in the world today.

Type Talk
Type Talk Or, How to Determine your Personality Type and Change your Life By Kroeger, Otto Book - 1988 Non-F 155.264 Kro

Annotation:A good introduction the 16 basic personality types and general theory of the Myers Briggs Type Inventory

Quirk Brain Science Makes Sense of your Peculiar Personality By Holmes, Hannah Book - 2011 Non-F 612.82 HOL Available now View Details
Making Sense of People
Making Sense of People Decoding the Mysteries of Personality By Barondes, Samuel H. Book - 2012 Non-F 155.26 Bar Available now View Details
Do What You Are
Do What You Are Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type By Tieger, Paul D. Book - 2007 Non-F 331.702 Tie
Just your Type
Just your Type Create the Relationship You've Always Wanted Using the Secrets of Personality Type By Tieger, Paul D. Book - 2000 Non-F 306.7 Tie
Drive The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us By Pink, Daniel H. eBook - 2009
How Why How We Do Anything Means Everything By Seidman, Dov Book - 2011 Non-F 650.1 SEI Available now View Details
Who Do You Think You Are?
Who Do You Think You Are? Explore your Many-sided Self With the Berkeley Personality Profile : the Fascinating New System That Shows You How to See Yourself as You Really Are With your Partner, Family, Friends, and Co-workers By Harary, Keith Book - 1994 Non-F 155.283 Har Available now View Details
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A collection of resources related to personality styles and assessments.

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