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Annotation:The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. Learn more from Twitter support.

Annotation:Twitter support explains the ins and outs of searching for information posted in Tweets.

Twitter Revolution
Twitter Revolution How Social Media and Mobile Marketing Is Changing the Way We Do Business & Market Online By Micek, Deborah Book - 2008 Non-F 658.872 MIC
Twitter Power
Twitter Power How to Dominate your Market One Tweet at A Time By Comm, Joel Book - 2009 Non-F 658.872 COM Available now View Details
Viral Loop
Viral Loop From Facebook to Twitter, How Today's Smartest Businesses Grow Themselves By Penenberg, Adam L. Downloadable Audiobook - 2009

Annotation:Ever wondered where your reply to someone else's Tweet shows up on Twitter? This article outlines where specific types of Tweets will appear on Twitter, on your or others users' profiles, to help you understand where Tweets go when you click the "Tweet" button.

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